Professional Post Graduate Diploma In Administrative Management

Professional Post Graduate Diploma (PGD.AM)
The professional post-graduate diploma (PGD.AM) is designed to encourage graduates of related and non-related disciplines, to acquire knowledge at post graduate level for proper functioning at senior administrative management level. The Institute is achieving this by exposing and testing candidates through a way structured examination syllabus that is expected to equip graduates to sufficiently tackle challenges they will meet in real work environment.
To add impetus to existing effort towards enhancing knowledge in Administrative management.
To instigate studies in administrative management at post graduate level for graduates of all disciplines. Thereby enhancing their capacities for effective and efficient management of resources.
To provide an examination route to wards achievement Institute’s professional membership
Career Prospect
The programme is designed such that graduates enjoy both educational and professional career growth. This is achieved through networking with employers of labour, employment consultants and academic institutions.
Entry Requirements
Holders of Bachelor’s degree, HND or equivalence certificates in any
discipline, holders of professional membership certificates such as ACA, A.Inst.AM ACIA, ACIS, ANIM, ACIBN, ACMA, ACCA etc.
It is expected that within twelve months, an average candidate should complete the Professional Post-Graduate Diploma Course.

Professional Post-Graduate Diploma Course Structure

Part One                                                              Credit Hours                                                                                  

Financial Reporting Fundamental                                    3

Management Principles and Practice                                 3

Administrative Communication & Report Writing               3

 Management Processes                                                     2

Managing Information                                                       3

Public Administration Practice                                           2

Managing Markets                                                             2

Meetings and Corporate Law                                             3

Project and Contract Management                                   23

Part Two

Managing Financial Resources                                      3

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management                    2

Managing Facilities                                                        3

Trust Administration                                                       2

Pension Management                                                      2

Managing People & Training                                          3

Entrepreneurial Development                                         2

Management Consultancy                                               2

Case Study                                                                    22

Part Three

 Research Project                                                             6

Aggregate credit load                                                    51 

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