Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria

Built on the operational Framework of Sound Administrative And Managerial Vision

 Academic Qualification Opportunities

University Bachelor & Master Degrees 

Opportunities exist for graduates / members of the Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria to enroll into B.A, B.Sc/Masters Degree Programmes of the following Universities. 

America Century University New Mexico, U.S.A. Programmes:- (B.Sc., M.Sc, MPA, P.hd)
Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria Programmes:- B.A, B.Sc., Management, Banking & Finance, Accountancy, Marketing, History & International Studies, Economics, Public Administration , Mass Communication
Tansian University, Umunya
Programmes: B.A, B.Sc in Business Administration, Accountancy, Marketing Economics and Statistics, Public Administration, International Relations

Graduates of the Institute’s Ordinary Diploma, Advanced or Post-graduate Diploma are advised to contact the National Secretariat on how to get admitted to any of these aforementioned Universities degree programmes.