Professional Advanced Diploma In Administrative Management (ADAM)


Following the success of the Institute’s Ordinary Diploma and need to provide career progression for it graduates; IRAMN Advanced Diploma programme was introduced.  The programme structure is based on recommendations of the academic board to the Governing Council of the Institute in August 2007.

In February 2008, the Institute first Advanced Diploma examination was hosted by the Department of Business Administration which was then headed by Dr. Aliyu Mamman, M.inst.AM. Thirty- five candidates sat for the examination, enrolment into the programme now stands at three hundred and seventy - five students.


The coursework of Advanced Diploma is designed to provide further educational opportunities for graduates of Ordinary Diploma in Management, and other related disciplines for increased learning which shall provide opportunities for employment to higher responsibilities or for growth in existing employment.

Also, it is expected that graduates of the Advanced Diploma shall seek further educational opportunities in Polytechnics and Universities.


The programme curriculum is built to provide further professional training for Ordinary Diploma graduates of the Institute and other colleges. Hence, it’s built on foundation of the Institute’s Ordinary Diploma coursework and those offered by other institutions. Its content is approximated to meet professional cum academic standards for Advanced Diploma qualification offered that is elsewhere in similar field.

The Advanced Diploma is structured along two management functionality, i.e. Public Administration and Marketing. This is to provide specialization opportunity at this level for career and further studies choices for its graduates.


Students must fulfill admission requirement for Advanced Diploma programmes. Specifically, students must possess recognized Ordinary Diploma, National Diploma, intermediate certificates of other professional Institutes such as CIA, ICAN, CIBN, IESAM, ICEN, NIMN, NIM etc.