Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria

Built on the operational Framework of Sound Administrative And Managerial Vision


Direct election policy of the Institute not withstanding, prospective member is required to attend at least one of the Institute membersip introductory events which are as follows.

Direct Membership

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• Executive Interactive Forum
• National Administrative Managers Conference
• Managers Certification Programme

 Executive Interactive Forum

Objectives: This is to have a forum for professionals in Administrative Management, who are or are not members of the Institute, to deliberate on a national economic or social topic which has direct or indirect impact on the practice of Administrative Management profession, with the aim of interacting opinions/papers amongst participants with the view of deciding on a common position or a communiqué.

The methodology of this forum is by presentation of lead-papers by expert(s) which other participants react to, or make contributions to, in an orderly and interactive environment. It is expected that in the future a defined annual time table will be drawn, in the mean time, the frequency of the forum depends on the exigencies of the time.

 National Administrative Managers' Conference

This is a conference of all members and practicing Administrative Managers, in either public or private sector, to deliberate exclusively on matters affecting the welfare of members and the enhancement of the practice of Administrative management in Nigeria. This Conference comes up once a year. A communiqué is expected from this conference.

 Managers' Certification Programme

This is an abridged professional membership qualifying programme for individuals who have met the educational requirements (B.Sc., B.A. M.Sc. and their equivalents) for membership and have worked in such job positions for reasonably sufficient years to have enabled them acquire extensive skills and capacities in the practice of Administrative Management and its allied fields. Hence, it is considered not necessary to expose them to the Institute's regular professional membership examination. This programme comes up at regular intervals within a year, it is taken at least once in each of the six geographical regions in Nigeria. For more on any of the aforementioned programmes, contact the National Secretariat of the Institute or any of the State Offices or log on to the Institute's website www.regdmanager.org