The Institute's Library is well stocked with contemporary books on business Administration and management, to meet the educational need of students and members alike. Peruse the library's list of books, and order your copies today, contact the Institute's head quarters or any of the State co - ordinators for more information on how to book your order.
1. Project and Contract Management
2. Public Administration Practice
3. Managing Information and Presentation
4. Management Principles and Practice
5. Business Economics
6. Business and Labour Law
7. Managing Financial Resources
8. Meetings and Corporate Law
9. Managing People 11
10. Managing Process
11. Law of Meeting
12. Managing Facilities for PGD
13. Financial Reporting
14. Cases in General Management
15. Cases in Marketing Management
16. Communication in English
17. Purchasing and Supply Fundamentals
18. Business Accounting
19. Information Management
20. Advance Financial Accounting
21. Cost Accounting
22. Stores Administration
23. Trust Administration
24. Case Stufies in Management Consultancy Practice
25. Public Sector Accounting
26. Pension Administration
27. Business Finance
28. Accounting Practice
29. Business Statistics
30. Quantitative Techniques
31. Performance Management Practice
32. Management Consultancy
33. Advertising Administration
34. Stores Administration
35. Business Strategy
36. Statement or Accounting Standard (SASI) on Disclosure or Accounting Policies