Closing Gaps between School and Work

The programme curriculum is design to help school leavers compliment knowledge acquired in school with hand on the job skills. Therefore, graduates of this course are to be work ready on their first day at work, suffice to say that, skills the training curriculum provides the makes them preferences during job selection excercises.

This is a membership network enhancement programme which the institute plans to terminate as soon as certain tactical objectives are achieved. 

The programme is designed to introduce the tenets of professional Administrative Management to young Nigerian graduates, as the desirability of Administrative skills cuts across every field of endeavour, be it Medicine, Physical Science, Art etc. Successful candidate is first admitted to Graduate Membership status, from where they are be upgraded to higher membership grade of Associate after he or she has gained Administrative work experiences for a minimum of two years. 



Accelerate the registration of Young as Administrative Management Professionals. 

Introduce Young Graduates/Corp members to Professional Proficiency in Administrative Management. 

Encourage Corps Members to inbibe the culture of organization and methods in social or Business Organization that a Corps Member may find him or herself. 

Awaken the consciousness of continuous Professional Development (CPD) in early working lives of Nigeria graduates

Award Certificate of proficiencies to Successful Corps Members as Graduate Members of the Institute.

Other Details

Examination Period: April & December; Detailed Exam time table is published four weeks to dates of examination.

Programme Delivery Methodology: Course materials and contact lectures

Three Months          

Payment Policy: Payment may be made in two (2) instalments 


Management Related Graduates Non-Management Related Graduates
One Diet Only
Law of Meetings & Admin Communication
Pension Administration
Facilities Management
Entrepreneurial Development
Management Consultancy
Management Case Studies
Administrative Practice

Course Fee: Four thousand naira (N4,000)

Note: Corp Members who have already registered with the Institute through their various schools need not to make fresh registration.

First Diet
Financial Reporting Fundamentals
Law of Meetings and Admin. Communication
Office Technology and Administration
Management Principles & Practice
Administrative Practice
Managing People

Pension Management
Facilities Management
Entrepreneurial Development
Management Consultancy
Management Case Studies

Course Fee: Seven thousand naira (N7,000)


Method of Application:
Registration forms are downloadable from the Institute's website and are obtainable from any of these contacts: 

National Secretariate: 
7A Junction Road by Sarduana Crescent, Kaduna P.O. Box 2519, G.P.O Kaduna.
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Telephone: +234-806-799-4079,Admission: +234-9078251250, Payments:+234-9028565312, Programmes/WhatsApp:+234-816-5470-385

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Bank Details: Zenith Bank Plc A/C No: 6012411984 (see payment details page)