2017 Administrative Professionals' National Conference   24th- 30th October, 2017 


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Date Training
Sub-Theme Learning


9th - 10th March 2017

Administrative Records Management and ICT: Oppurtunities and Challenges


- Information Communication Technology and Documentation in Teritary.


- Records Management as part Cost Efficiency Strategy

- Crypogram Technology for Records Intergrity in Public Institutions

-Maximizing e-portal Resource in ICT infrastructure Deficient Environment

At the end of this training, participants will enhance their capacities to  use ICT resources to achieve records handling, procedures, security and aid decision making 
  in their respective

IRAMN Members,

Officers Professionals and Assistants in Public, Private and NGOs, CBO

information officers, staff officers, registry staff, Administrative assistants in the public and private sectors


Members N15,000

Non-Member N30,000


30th - 31st May 2017

 Lean Management Concepts and Practices for Administrative efficiency

 -Introduction & Definition 
-Organisation Requirement for Lean Management
-Lean Organisational thinking: Horizontal, Vertical and matrix thinking.
-Lean Management and Leadership
- P-D-C-A  cycle adoption in Administrative situation
- Benefits of lean Management

At the end of the training, participants will enhance their capacities on  organization development options that support evolvement of smarter and efficient work system. Have better understanding of processes and system as value enhancement for internal and external customers’ satisfaction


IRAMN Members,

Personnel of organization who are transiting ownership and business philosophy.

Directors of Administration, Operations and Technicals, Chief Executives, Executives Directors in ministries, Department and Agencies

Member $500

Non-Members$ 700

Port Harcourt


 7th - 8th July 2017

 Front Office Management      

 IRAMN Members N20,000;

Non - Member






Date / Venue Training Themes Sub-Theme Learning Outcomes Expected Audience Fee

Bauchi Nigeria

    6th-7th             March 2014

Call Centre Training for Corporate Worth Enhancement  Basics of Call Centres
 Phone Etiquette
 Working with Call Centre Tools
 Speaking Like a Star
 Identifying Types of Question and Determing Suitable Responses
 Setting Goals for the Call Centre
 Ending the Days Job of the Call Centre
Participants will sharpen their skills on phone usage which are highly valued at improving customers' satisfaction and loyalty. Members of the Institute, Front Desk Officers, Customers Service Officers, Security Aids, Saels Representatives, Personal Assistants to CEOs, Administrative Officers of MDAs. Members


25 - 26 April, 2012 Enugu Administrative Support Skills Training  Getting Organized 1 and 2
 Managing Time
 Getting It All Done on Time
 Attending to Special Tasks
 Excelling in Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
 Empowering and Taking Care of ONeself
 Wrapping Up
Usage of core skills to help participants use resources efficiently by acting timely, communicate effectively and function properly in a team. Members of the Institute, Administrative Officers, Office Administrators, Secretaries, Information Officers, Entrepreneurs, Project Handlers, School Administrators, Health Centre Administrators, Church Administrators Members


13-14 June, 2012
Emotional Intelligence Skills for Organizational Goal Attainment  Emotional Intelligence Defined
 Emotional Intelligence Skills
 EQ and Verbal Communication Skills
 Tools to Regulate Emotions
 Gaining Control over Emotions
 Managing difficult customers
 Using Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Business Practice
 Using Emotional Intelligence to Make Administrative Impact
EQ is defined as a set of competencies demonstrating the ability one has to recognize his or her behavior mood, and impulse to maintain social comportment even in most challenging times. This training will equip participants with abilities to manage impulse, communicate effectively, manage change well and use humour to build rapport in tense situation. Members of the Institute, Administrative Officers / Managers, Customers Service Officers, Front Desk Officers and Individuals interested in developing in-dept Capacities in Emotional Intelligence; Senior and Middle Executives Members


16 - 17 July, 2012
Meeting Management as Tool for Organizatonal Effectiveness  Planning and Preparing
 Setting up the Meeting Space
 Use of Multimedia
 Roles and Responsibilities of Meeting Hierarchy
 Chairing Meetings
 Dealing with Disruption
 Taking Minutes
 Optimizing Meeting
Participants will acquire meeting planning and leading techniques that will give confidence to attendees with lasting impression. Members of the Institute,Buainess Executives, Secretaries, Administrative Officers, Administrative Directors, Protocol Officers, Lawyers, person who desires capacity of Meeting Management, School and Health Centre Administrators. Members


22 - 23 August, 2012
Office Ethics and Etiquette for Improved Customer Satisfaction  Ethics, Ethic and Meanings
 Implementing Ethics in the Workplace
 Privacy and Harrasment Issue
 Ethics, Business and Social Responsibilities
 Whistle Showing
 Managerial Ethics
 Networking for Success
 The Meet and Greet
 The Dinning in Style
 Communication (e-mail, Telephone and Letter Writing
 Dressing for Success
 Internatio nal Etiquette
Participant will gain moral and social values required to enhance operational and corporate profile expected of modern business entities. Also, they will acquire skills of business comportment across different situation. Members of the Institute, Senior Executives. Administrative Directors, Protocol Handlers. Administrative Officer an d Managers, Customer Service Executives. Business Men and Women. Members


26 - 27 September, 2012
Proposal Writing and Presentation Skills  Working with Words
 Constructing Sentences
 Creating Paragraphs
 Writing Meeting Agenda
 Writing E-mails, Business Letters, Proposals and Reports
Participant will get a refresher on basic writing concepts (such as spelling, grammar and punctuation), which are required to write good proposals, reports and agendas. Members of the Institute, Senior Executives. Administrative Directors, Protocol Handlers. Administrative Officer an d Managers, Customer Service Executives. Business Men and Women. Members


29 - 30 October, 2012
Effective Job Analysis for Efficient Human Resource Management  Overview
 Job Analysis and Selection
 Job Descriptor Occupational Assessor
 Task Identification
 Tasks for Position Skill Requirement and Competencies
 Appraisal of Job Performance
 Use of Position Analysis Questionnaire
 Creating a Vacancy Announcement
 Job Analysis Model: Rating Schedule
 K.S.A. Development and Evaluation Format
 Job Analysis iTools: O'NET DataBase. CODAP, DOT
Every wrong happening in organizational management is anchored on wrong job analysis hence, interest of forward looking entities should be placed on this all important function. The training will assist participant to carry out scientific job task content analysis which aid personnel department to do selection and appraisal based on authoritative data. Members of the Institute, Project Managers, Corporate Affairs Managers, HR Officers and Managers, Administrative Officers and Managers, Clientn Services Officers, Business Developmentn Managers. Members