Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria

Built on the operational Framework of Sound Administrative And Managerial Vision


Vision 2cropt

To be the most referred institution on matters of Administrative Management


mission-2To entrenched best practice of organisation and methods inevery work environment.




To promote and develop for the benefit of the public, the art and science of Administrative Management.

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Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria

buildingInstitute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria also known as Council of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria is established under the ACT 1 cap 59 of 1990 as limited by Guarantee. The Institute formation is born out of interest by her promoters to advance the practice of Administrative Management;  which is a staff function of Management that emphases Organization Systems, Procedures, and Methods. The promoters and management are aware that "knowledge custodians have a social responsibility to its use, hence a call to professionalism is a call to social obligation on when and how knowledge and skills are put to use, otherwise, the evils of free markets and...

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notebookThe Institute in its bid to fulfill it's mandate of enhancing the practice of Administrative management it creates capacities enhancing platforms on wide range of management and related

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userMembership is either by examination or by honourary election upon meeting some stipulated criteria. Thus, whatever channel, every potential member must show sufficient evidence

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The Insitute President

 Sen. Jonathan Silas Zwingin 
            Phd. f.inst.Am

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 Academic Qualification Opportunities

Enrol for BA, B.Sc, Masters Degree Programme of the Following Universities

Sainte Felicite University, Cotonou

» Imo State University, Owerri, Nigeria

» American Century University, New Mexico, USA

Tansian University , Umunya Anambra State.

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